Play is a childs method of learning, it is their way of discovering the world around them. The early years are very important when it comes to learning and developing and here at Fairyhouse we realise that importance. The children are in a much more structured routine, the curriculum will change slightly each day but their routine will remain the same. The children will be introduced to a huge variety of activities and materials. They will focus on outdoor play and the importance of it. In this group we will also introduce preschool learning; they will be introduced to their letters and numbers. They will also have the opportunity to practice their pre writing and pre maths skills.

Playschool will also work on themes, young children learn in a holistic way through play and other key experiences. By planning around a theme we ensure that children have the opportunity to progress in all areas of learning though purposeful play activities that make sense to them as young learners.

At the end of each day there is a hand over done with parents in which you will be told about your childs day, what they have done and any other relevant information.