At Fairyhouse we try our best to be a home away from home for your baby. We understand how difficult the transition from home to a crèche can be for both child and parents, with this in mind we cater for the individual needs of your baby. We follow the routine that you have at home, making the move that little bit easier. There is a very high ratio of staff to babies allowing us to provide the personal level of attention that all babies need at this stage of development.

Fairyhouse nursery curriculum is designed to provide progression from one group to another. We also provide you with a copy of the weekly curriculum so that you are aware of what activities your child is taking part in throughout their day with us. We send home information booklets on a daily basis outline the important information from their day, such as feeding/changing/sleeping information. This booklet is also used as a direct message book between parents and key carers. All of the babies 3 months – 24 months are introduced to activities such as music, singing, stories, arts and crafts, water and sand play, sensory play, heuristic play, treasure baskets and much more. The activities and materials are age appropriate and the intention is to provide a rich and varied environment to facilitate early learning.

If you are interested in a nursery place, please contact Aileen. Our details can be found in the contact us section.