The Montessori Method of education stresses the need for children to learn at their own pace, thus we aim to develop the individuality of your child and to aid their development. Our Montessori (Junior and Senior) rooms are run by fully qualified and highly trained Montessori teachers with a minimum level 7.

The environment has been altered to suit the needs of the children who attend the Fairyhouse Montessori session. The furniture and shelves are low, to encourage independence and eliminate unnecessary help from adults. The children have the option to work independently, to choose their own activities and to pursue these for as long as they wish. Our Montessori teachers help and guide the children whenever they need. The children start off their session of Montessori with “work time” using only Montessori equipment. Their day is made up of both indoor and outdoor activities, they take care of the vegetable patch, feed the animals on site, they also spend lots of time designing, creating, constructing and baking. The sessional and full daycare that we offer for 3-5 year olds is very much action packed.

Our Montessori session runs from 9-12pm daily, we also offer additional hours and can come up with a package to suit your needs.