Junior Playschool

Junior playschool offers your child a more structured approach to learning, preparing them for playschool. This is a transitional time for your child and while they are in this room you will see many changes. Your child will be introduced to an array of vocabulary, hopefully resulting in an expanding vocabulary as their key worker works closely with them on their language development, through songs, role play and story telling. We may also introduce toilet training in this room depending on each childs and parents wishes.

Children in the junior playschool room will also be introduced to a variety of new and exciting activities such as science experiments and baking. There will also be a large emphasis put on outdoor play in this room, as the children interact more with the animals we have on site here at Fairyhouse. It is evident that both indoor and outdoor activities are now becoming more interesting with a higher level of interaction aiding the development of good communication skills.

As your child has now started developing speech and has a new and good understanding of the world around them, they will be very busy with all junior playschool has to offer them.